Diverse tools to address various layers of a process development problem.

At CWB Tech, we focus on delivering the bottom-line solutions to our clients. Depending on the objective of the problem and the available information and resources for solving the problem, we work with clients to develop a suitable workflow and come up with the best practical solution. The development workflow is essentially an evolutionary approach among various experimental, synthesis, and modeling tasks. The goal is to generate feasible process alternatives and operating conditions and to evaluate their merits and potential.




SLEEK is CWB Tech's state-of-the-art software solution for crystallization process development. It can help you build a comprehensive understanding of the solid-liquid equilibrium system, whether it is the thermodynamic model, SLE data regression, crystallization process development and many more functionalities related to crystallization. For more information, click here.


We also have a sister product of SLEEK, called SLEEK-EX, capable of measuring SLE data and incorporating them into a thermodynamic model. It supports the integrative approach which combines synthesis, analysis, and experimental activities. It is an extremely useful tool in case of lack of literature data, e.g. for new components. It enables the user gather information for modeling and process design.



The design and optimization of the distillation sequence can have a significant impact on the economics of a process. AzeoDESK offers significant value and benefit at any stage of the engineering work process, ranging from early process development studies to the retrofit of an existing process. Since AzeoDESK does not require an accurate thermodynamic physical property model, it is ideally suited for early process development studies prior to conducting experiments and simulations. The objective of AzeoDESK is to provide user the capability to obtain a starting point for both experiments and detailed flow sheet synthesis for an entrainer-effected azeotropic distillation, with a selection of fewer and reliable entrainer options.


Total Site Energy Management

There are two main components in the site: the Power Plant(s) – Suppliers and the Process Plant(s) – Users. Our Total Site Energy Management tool is designed to deal with the problem of how best to supply the steam and electricity needs of an entire plant site. The demand for utilities varies with the production capacity of the various plants at the site. Because of the varying cost of fuel and power, and the varying utilities’ demand, the operation of the utility plant needs to be constantly tuned to achieve optimum operation. With this tool it is possible to analyze past performance and effectiveness of energy use in the site, minimize wasteful use of energy and maximize site-wide profitability of current operation, and make planning and business decisions to maintain profitable operation in the future. 


Pinch Analysis

The primary application of our Pinch Analysis software is to help process engineers and managers in minimization of wasteful utilization of energy in their process plants, and to analyze and study the energy usage involved. With this software, the user can create stream-based representations of process plants (or parts of process plants) on the site, then analyze and study these process plants through several case studies in order to: analyze the efficiency of the process, identify the cross-pinch exchangers and the cross-pinch duties, and select the optimum levels of utility for the process.