CWB is a process development company and technology licensor. We provide integrated solution combining efforts of experiments, modelling and process synthesis to pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, polymer, petrochemical and refinery industries. 

ClearWaterBay Technology Inc. (CWBTech)was founded in 2002 in Pomona, California (Los Angeles Area), USA. It's mission is to be the BEST technology provider in the area of process synthesis, design and development. CWB Tech engineers have successfully completed a wide variety of development projects in minimum time and at the lowest development cost. These include grassroot design, process retrofit, scale up, simulation, modeling and troubleshooting of petrochemical, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and polymer processes. Our efforts have saved our clients millions of dollars. Our innovative solutions are documented in the patent literature. Before the laboratory facilities was built, our services focused on project consulting, training and short courses. 

ClearWaterBay Technology Ltd., (CWBHK) started operation in Yuen Long, Hong Kong since Jul 2012 which contains laboratory and pilot plant facilities. Our site of 3400m2 allows flexibility of pilot plant setup and small scale manufacturing operations. Our laboratory facilities and experts become the strong practice arm to provide data acquisitions, bench and pilot studies along the workflow of process development. This facilities was shut down in Mar 2021 and we continued providing experimental services by connecting with professional laboratories and research teams.  The operating office and process design package team was relocated to Tuen Mun in the same year. 

Both CWBTech and CWBHK synergies the efforts of experiments, modelling and process synthesis, we not only provide better and more complete services on the consulting with supporting experimental verifications, but also have the full gear to develop our own processes and now become a technology licensor. 




CWB Major Milestones since 2002